diumenge, 17 d’abril de 2011

Alfaguara Portugal publishes 'The Little Dirty Monsters', by Ricardo Adolfo and Jessica Kersten, a funny book for children

All is ready for the launch in Portugal of 'Os monstrinhos da roupa suja', by Ricardo Adolfo (text) and Jessica Kersten (illustrations). The book will be published by Alfaguara Portugal in their children's series.

Stain, Stinky, Smudge and Scruffy are best friends. They are also the dirtiest pieces of clothes in the house. They love sleeping, eating and finding new ways of getting even dirtier.

On this late morning, breakfast was a pack of cookies way past the due date. The cookies pled for mercy but they were wolfed down in a sec. And it was only when the last crumb was licked from the floor that they noticed that Stain was missing.

Odd, they thought. Stain was always the last out of bed. They looked around the house but nothing. And he wasn’t on his favourite hiding spot under the hall carpet. Something really bad must have happened, like being caught by the lady of the house. Which would definitely lead to a full wash.

Horror!, horror!, they all thought. And with no further delays they ventured into the kitchen to try to find and save his friend. The Kitchen was the most dangerous area of the house, where the lady of the house was always cleaning or preparing to clean something. They could all end up washed and clean.

But there is no time for arguing. So, they pull their dirt together and set off to save Stain...

The Dirty Little Monsters is a friendship story aimed at children 4 to 8 years old, about the forgotten inhabitants of a house. Told in a compelling, funny way, and spiced with sparkly dialogues, it has around 20 original illustrations. It explores what is probably not the most advocated behaviour, but a view of life that’s pure and so true – it’s great fun getting dirty!!