dilluns, 2 de setembre del 2013

“La Primavera del Mal”, by FG Haghenbeck: Second week as Number 1 in Mexico.

La Primavera del Mal” (Spring of Evil), by FG Haghenbeck: Second week as Number 1 in Mexico:

First published in July 2013 in México by Editorial Suma México as their Leading Title for the Summer 2013. Rights also acquired by Suma Spain, to be published in 2014. 

We are happy to let you know that ‘La primavera del mal’ is now in its second week at the top postition of the ranking of the Mexican chain ‘Librerías Gandhi’. Haghenbeck’s novel has beaten John Green, Cassandra Clare, Joel Dicker or Dan Brown’s titles for 2 weeks now! 

 Week 1 (August 23). Link (here)
 Week 2 (August 30). Link (here)

A family saga inspired by the origins of drug trafficking between USA and México. Following the ups and downs of a powerful Mexican familiy, an American Narcotics Bureau officer and a beautiful young actress, Haghenbeck presents a hooking epic of love, treason, corruption, revenge and bussiness that the Mexican Media has described as ‘The Mexican Goodfather

More info about the novel (here)