dijous, 22 d’octubre de 2009

Good comments about Ricardo Adolfo's ''Depois de morrer aconteceram-me muitas cosas''

A few weeks ago Ricardo Adolfo's new novel, "Depois de morrer aconteceram-me muitas cosas" (Lots Happened to me After I Died), received very good comments in the Portuguese journal 'Diário Digital'. 

Below see a translation into English of the beginning of that review, which you can also see in Portuguese (here).


Lots Happened to me After I Died”, published by Alfaguara Portugal, discusses a subject common to million of Portuguese but somehow rare in our literature: emigration. Perhaps this book will change that peculiar situation, mostly because of its story, which manages to pull smiles out of a drama… 

Lots Happened to me After I Died” is a big, enjoyable surprise. Ricardo Adolfo is able to easily pass on those problems that are common to all emigrants: from feeling invisible in the host country, to the uncertainty about the future, the exploitation suffered, the quest for symbols of personal success, etc.

However, the most fascinating part of this story is the rhythm. Writing in a way that is extremely appealing and straight to the point, Ricardo Adolfo takes the reader trough the psychological drama of the narrator, which allows us to join the troubled life of an emigrant couple during a day and a half. The truth is, we can’t let go of these characters’ lives - that with each passing hour get closer to the abyss. And we tag along with them… 

Having worked in advertising for 15 years, currently based in London after living in Amsterdam, Ricardo Adolfo admits he started writing because, “as an emigrant, I felt the need to pull Portugal towards me”. And the truth is, he has. “Lots Happened to me After I Died” should be read without prejudice nor shame, especially as it focuses on a subject that seems to be taboo in our literature. 
(c) Pedro Justino Alves & Diário Digital.