dimecres, 21 d’octubre del 2009

The Film Club, by David Gilmour, sold to Editora Pergaminho in Portugal

A charming and poignant story about a very special time 
in a father and son's relationship.

Editora Pergaminho, in Portugal, acquired translation rights of 'The Film Club', by David Gilmour. The deal was made on behalf of Sam Hiyate and Kelvin Kong, from The Rights Factory (Canada).

A delightful and absorbing book about the agonies and joys of home-schooling a beloved son, "The Film Club" is the true story about David Gilmour's decision to let his 15-year-old son drop out of high school on the condition that the boy agrees to watch three films a week with him. The book examines how those pivotal years changed both their lives.

From French New Wave, Kurosawa, and New German cinema, to De Palma, film noir, Cronenberg and Billy Wilder, among many others from world cinema, we read about key moments in each film, as the author teaches his son about life and the vagaries of growing up through the power of the movies. Replete with page-turning descriptions of scenes and actors and directors, the narrative is framed with the tender story of his son's first bittersweet first loves.

Foreign rights of 'The Film Club'have been sold to more than 20 languages.