dijous, 9 d’abril de 2009

A post about literary agents in The Guardian Books Blog (UK)

Patricia Rodriguez, author of '19 pulgadas' (19 Inches) has sent me a link to this post by Jean Hannah Edelstein. As I've found it very interesting I decided to link it to SalmaiaLit's blog (also see the comments it has generated). The post has been published in The Guardian Books Blog (UK)

This is how it begins:

"Don't reject literary agents: 
Too often presented as mean-spirited parasites, they actually provide a vital support to authors.

Literary agents: so often regarded as the villains of the publishing world, they were skewered by scores of disgruntled writers this week in response to the Twitter gigglefest which was #queryfail, in which agents posted some of the worst pitches they'd received. No, #queryfail did not give a view into the most gallant side of agenting. But the vitriolic response is not, contrary to popular belief, evidence that agents are failing writers across the board. Rather, it demonstrates how little most people know about what literary agents actually do."

And you can read it all here: 

(Thanks, Patricia -and Jean-!)