divendres, 24 d’abril de 2009

The Book of God and Physics - Starred review in PW!

Shortly before its publication in the US by William Morrow, Publishers Weekly gave a starred review to Enrique Joven's ''The Book of God and Physics'' (originally entitled 'El castillo de las estrellas').
Below you have the full review:

(c) Publishers Weekly, April 2009

The Book of God and Physics: A Novel of the Voynich Mystery
Enrique Joven, trans. from the Spanish by Dolores M. Koch.
William Morrow Publishers,
ISBN - 978-0-06-145686-2

Joven’s remarkable debut, while bearing obvious similarities to 'The Da Vinci Code', is much more than another pale imitation. Father Hector, a science teacher in a Spanish Jesuit community, finds relief from indifferent students in an online group devoted to the real-life Voynich Manuscript. Written in an unknown language, the 500-year-old document has defied the best efforts of cryptographers and scholars to decipher it.

Hector’s research into an actual recent book, Joshua and Anne-Lee Gilder’s 'Heavenly Intrigue', which accuses Johannes Kepler of poisoning his mentor and fellow astronomer, Tycho Brahe, eventually ties in with the mystery surrounding the Voynich Manuscript. Local politicians’ efforts to evict the order from the monastery where Hector works complicate the plot.

Joven manages to cleverly blend fact and fiction as well as make the scientific debates of the 16th century relevant and compelling.

The novel, as we said above, was originally published in Spanish by RocaEditorial under the title of El castillo de las estrellas (Castle of the Stars)

Translation rights have been already sold to: Harper Collins/William Morrow (USA), Il punto d’incontro (Italy), Livanis (Greece), AST (Russia) and Hainaim Publishing (Korea).