dilluns, 27 d’abril del 2009

Illustrations travel to Korea!

SalmaiaLit is very happy that the illustrated editions of 'The Marvellous History of Peter Schlemihl', by Adelbert von Chamisso illustraded by Agustín Comotto; ‘Bartleby’, by Herman Melville, illustrated by Javier Zabala; ‘Babette’s Feast’, by Isak Dinesen, and ‘The Cloak’ (Shinel), by Nikolay Gógol, both illustrated by Noemí Villamuza, will soon travel to Korea, where Munhakdongne Publishing has acquired reproduction rights.

The sale has been made on behalf of Nórdica Libros (Spain), 
the original publisher of the books.

Below you can see  a few illustrations from ''The Marvellous History of Peter Schlemihl'' (Agustín Comotto) and some vids with the illustrations of ''Bartleby'' (Javier Zabala); ''Babette's Fest'' and 'The Cloak (Shinel)'' (Noemí Villamuza).