dimarts, 28 de febrer del 2012

Editorial Espasa has acquired Spanish rights of 'I Wish Something Nice Would Happen At Last', by Trixie von Bülow

This week we are more than glad to announce that another title by Thiele Verlag is starting to gain international attention as Editorial Espasa has acquired World Spanish rights of Ich wünsche mir, dass endlich mal was Schönes passiert (I Wish Something Nice Would Happen At Last), by Trixi von Bülow, for publication in the Fall 2012. The novel was originally published in Germany by Thiele Verlag in February 2012 (the paperback will be published by Drömer Knaur).

Leading-title for first semester 2012.
Published in February. 5.000 copies sold in two weeks
(New reprints on its way)
Bookstores Hugendubel and Thalia highlighted the title in Germany.
Rights Sold: Italian (Corbaccio), Spanish (Espasa)
German paperback rights sold at auction before publishing (Drömer Knaur).
Trixi von Bülow’s comic and clever answer to Eat Pray Love. A novel about what makes life worth living set in the midst of life itself.

A woman at the beginning of her forties, single again after a long but unfullfilling marriage, with a small child, a badly paid job, a dramatically overdrawn bank account and, luckyly, the best of all friends in search of happiness.

She’s called Fritzi Berger and would like to be Grace Kelly. She has a child but no husband. She slaves away in Cologne and dreams of Nice. She’s an everyday heroine, and we all will heartily wish that something nice would finally happen to her.

Fritzi is a woman who has become strong for reasons of self-defence, has left her husband a year ago, with as many self-doubts as yearnings, and has a little daughter Lilli who creeps into her bed every night with her cuddy toy Robbie. She has a badly-paid job as an editor at a publishing house and fifteen years of marriage behind her. And just when her 40th birthday is approaching, Fritzi’s friend Johanna persuades her to go to the seaside for a couple of days.

A gripping, sometimes sad, deeply comic, very moving and true-to-life love story with a surprising twist in its tail. A novel about the wish (and possibilities) to find happiness once again in spite of everything. It is never too late for nice things to happen to us!

"When I was 12 I had seen a film with Audrey Hepburn, "A Nun's Story" and adored this fragile woman with her big brown eyes. But after a while it was pretty clear to me that I would never become a Audrey-Hepburn-kind of woman. I was a fearless, blond girl with a strong will that had nothing weak about her. So maybe this has been the reason that I had to carry all my bags and boxes with bottles on my own in my later life. "Don't worry – I will get along" is obviously written on my forehead and unfortunately I'm not the kind of woman who seems to be so helpless that men would be eager even to press down down the door-opener for them." (fragment of I Wish Something Nice Would Happen At Last)

Trixi von Bülow is herself a middle-aged woman and the author of successful self-help books in Germany: Der kleine Männererkenner (A little guide to men), 101 Dinge, die man tun kann, um eine Frau glücklich zu machen (101 things you can do to make a woman happy), Wie man einen Mann um den Verstand bringt (How to drive a man out of his mind) and Das Trixi-Prinzip (The Trixi Principle).

Rights: SalmaiaLit on behalf of Thiele Verlag (specific territories/languages)