divendres, 25 de novembre de 2011

Nicolas Barreau: Feltrinelli acquires second novel and Russian offer

The first novel by Nicolas Barreau published in Italy (Das Lacheln der Frauen/The Smile of Women) is still doing very well there, where it was published by Feltrinelli in September 2011. “Gli ingredienti segreti dell'amore” (Das Lacheln der Frauen) is at its third reprint in 2 months and is still in the bestseller lists - it has been in the foreign fiction top10 bestseller list no-stop since publication at the beginning of September. After these two months sales are now up to 30.000 copies in trade (and increasing week after week).

Given this success, we are glad to announce that Feltrinelli has acquired rights of a previous novel by the author, “You'll Find Me at the End of the World” (Du findest mich am Ende der Welt).

But this is not all, as this week we have received an offer from Russia for 'Das Lacheln der Frauen/The Smile of Women'. More info on this soon!

Apart from Italy/Feltrinelli, Das Lacheln der Frauen (originally published in Germany by Thiele Verlag in hardcover and Piper Verlag in paperback) will also be translated by: St. Martin’s Press (English World Rights), Espasa/Planeta Group (Spanish), Quinta Essencia/Leya Group (Portugal), Verus Editora/Record Group (Brazil), Columna (Catalan), The Enthusiast (Bulgarian) and soon Russia (to be announced).

For plot info about Das Lacheln der Frauen/The Smile of Women' click (here).


You'll Find Me at the End of the World (Du findest mich am Ende der Welt), by Nicolas Barreau (Thiele V., 2008 / Piper V., 2010), 248 pp.

Jean-Luc is determined to track down the capricious author of the most seductive love letters in the world. He doesn’t know anything about her, except that she has captured his heart

Jean-Luc Champollion owns an Art Gallery in Paris, and is what the French call a ‘homme à femmes’. The charming gallery owner has always been a hit with the ladies and he wants nothing more than to live out his days in the company of beautiful women and his faithful dalmatian, Cézanne. One day he receives a mysterious and delightful love letter. The problem is it doesn’t say who it is from. And Jean-Luc’s life changes course.

Jean-Luc is baffled, but he decides to play along. The writer has given him an email address, so he sends a message, hoping to unmask the identity of the mysterious stranger who seems to know him so well. Searching through his past like a detective, he follows up the clues in the stranger’s letters not realizing that he is beginning to fall in love. The object of his passion exists only in words and in his imagination, but he comes to know this woman better than the pictures in his gallery, even though he has never seen her face. Or has he?

Rights sold to: Feltrinelli (Italy). And previously to: The Netherlands (Uitgeverij Arena) and Czech Republic (Albatros).

(Rights handled on behalf of Thiele Verlag)