dimarts, 20 de setembre del 2011

Minoas (Greece) acquires right of 'La voz de los muertos', by Julián Sánchez

We are happy to announce another deal for the the new novel by Julián Sánchez: ‘La voz de los muertos’, which was published in Spain by Rocaeditorial in May 2011.

Uitgeverij Q and Einaudi Stile Libero already acquired rights for publication in The Netherlands and Italy; Now, Minoas Publications has acquired translation rights into Greek.

In ‘La voz de los muertos’ Barcelona’s Police inspector David Ossa faces a difficult case: amultiple murder and a suicide that have occured in Las Ramblas, right in the heart of Barcelona. Ossa soon realises that this is an especial case, with aspects that escape common sense and in which nothing is what it seems. His investigations lead him to a case from 1969, still unsolved and almost identical to the one he is trying to solve now. But when his supervisors see that the investigation is not closed quicky, they tell him to close the case and move to another thing, even if many questions would remain unanswered.

Ossa refuses to follow instructions and, in his hunt for clues and answers, will enter a dark, mysterious and captivating world of supernatural implications in which his mind will develop an unexpected and dangerous connexion with Death itself. Even at the cost of loosing his own sanity, and with all his colleagues against him, Ossa is determined to follow his investigation to the very last consequences...

About La voz de los muertos:

- A wonderful thriller-like crime novel that has little to envy to John Connolly’s. (Serendipia)
- An excellent tour all over nowadays Barcelona (El País/Babelia)
- A surprising ending. You’ll be eager to read more of this series (El placer de la lectura)

Julián Sánchez was born in Barcelona in 1966 and lives in San Sebastián. His debut novel, El anticuario, was very well received and up to now it will be translated in languages such as German (RH/Limes Verlag), Dutch (Uit. Q), Italian (Einaudi Stile Libero), Portuguese/Brazil (Record), Polish (Swiat K.), Greek (Livanis), Russian (AST) or Chinese (Shangai Transl.)