dilluns, 4 de juliol del 2011

The French edition of 'Modotti' is already out!

The French edition of the graphic novel 'Modotti. Una mujer del siglo XX', by Ángel de la Calle, has just been published in France, where it has been published by Vertige Graphic.

Tina Modotti was a woman of the 20th Century: photographer, actress, muse to writers and artists, politically engaged, free, poliphacetic, and witness to many important events and artistical landmarks.

Editorial SinSentido published in Spain this graphic biography of this extraordinary character created (text & illustrations) by Ángel de la Calle: 'Modotti: Una mujer del siglo XX'

De la Calle tells us about Tina Modotti's life, a continuing adventure. She arrived to US from Italy and became a beautiful Hoolywood star at an early age, and then she moved to the post-revolutionary Mexico with her friend and lover Edward Weston, where she became actively engaged with the communist party, took thousands of photographs and also became the lover of almost as many men... she also was friends with artists of her time such as Mayakovsky, Bernard Tavern, Antonio Machado, Neruda, Diego Rivera, John Dos Passos, Frida Khalo...

She lived her time, from the glamourous 'Belle Epoque' to the Europe of the Totalitarisms in the 1930s, lived in France, Russia, Spain during the Civil War and flew back to Mexico escaping from Franco. She died there years after, alone and in a taxi.

In 'Modotti' Ángel de la Calle becomes himself a character who incidentally finds a picture of Tina Modotti and starts investigating about her life. Thus, the book becomes not only a biography of the photographer but also a hooking voyage of discovery, admiration and devotion towards her personality and her work.

Tina Modotti's life, now revisited by Ángel de la Calle in this magnificent graphic novel, stands alone as an example, and a lesson, of personal freedom.

Translation rights have already been sold in Italy (001 Edizioni), Germany (Rotbuch), France (Vertige Graphic) and in Brazil (Conard, 2008).

Modotti has received countless awards in Spain, amongst them to the ‘Best Work and Best Script at the Barcelona Comic Salon in 2004’; ‘Best script in 2006’ and the prestigious Critics Award to the Best Spanish Work (2006).