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Suma (Spain) acquires rights of “La Primavera del Mal” (Spring of Evil), by FG Haghenbeck

Suma (Spain) acquires rights of “La Primavera del Mal” (Spring of Evil), by FG Haghenbeck 

 First published in July 2013 in México by Editorial Suma México as their Leading Title for the Summer 2013 

We are glad to announce that shortly after its successful publication in México, Suma in Spain has also acquired rights to publish this family saga inspired by the origins of drug trafficking between USA and México. Following the ups and downs of a powerful Mexican familiy, an American Narcotics Bureau officer and a beautiful young actress, Haghenbeck presents a hooking epic of love, treason, corruption, revenge and bussiness that the Mexican Media has described as ‘The Mexican Goodfather’. 

Mexican edition of 'La primavera del mal'
 At the beginning of the last century the Chinese community established in Mexico controlled the bussiness of drug dealing and traffiking in the main Mexican cities and in the whole border with the US. But with the outcome of the Mexican revolution and the new political scenario this supremacy will soon be disputed by the Generals who fouhgt the revolution and are now governors of the northern Mexican States. The war to control the bussiness of Opium and Marihuana, the most ludricous bussiness in the world, has just begun... 

 During these tumultuous years a revolutionary colonel, Benito Guadalupe Serrano, is very aware of the economic potential of drug dealing and starts to organise a plan to become a big fish in the bussiness. He begins offering protection to the traffikers and joins efforts with dark charcaters such as the Governor Maximino Ávila Camacho or the gangster Lucky Luciano. The colonel is helped by his son Bernardo and his son-in-law Raúl Duval, a clever and handsome young man who is determined to rise in the bussiness. Raul is involved in a love triangle that will bring him many headaches. 

Raúl and Jimmy O. Ball are in love with the same woman, the beautiful singer and actress Carmela del Toro. Jimmy is an agent of the Narcotics Bureau of the US Government, ruled by the allmighty Harry Anslinger. 

 Between treasons, alliances, revenges and deaths the reader will witness the evolution of this bussiness during the decades between the 30s and 60s. From the first outbursts of violence to control the main cities to the establishment of a fully coordinated organisation linked to high spheres of power, from the intense debates about legalisation of Marihuana to the disclosure of dark interests behind its prohibition and the secret links and agreements between the mafia and the Governments of Mexico and the United States. 

 Based on actual facts and intense research, some of the real characters portrayed in La primavera del mal are: Maximino Ávila Camacho, Manuel Ávila Camacho, Bugsy Siegel, Virginia Hill, Lucky Luciano, Lupe Vélez or Harry Anslinger. 

La primavera del mal is a fictionalised but faithful account of the beginning of drug traffiking between Mexico and the USA, the real and rough story of this problem, narrated in an intense and thrilling epic.  

Watch the video trailer of the novel (here)

F.G. Haghenbeck (Mexico, 1965) is the author of acclaimed novels, amongst which The Secret Book of Frida Kahlo, Trago amargo and El caso Tequila. His novels have been translated into languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, Hungarian or Portuguese.