divendres, 27 de juliol del 2012

Asphalte (France) acquires rights of 'La otra isla', by Francisco Suniaga

We are glad to announce that Asphalte Éditions (France) has acquired rights of 'La otra isla' (The Other Island), by Venezuelan author Francisco Suniaga. Rights of this novel have also been acquired by Mare Verlag (Germany). Below you can see more information about 'La otra isla': 

 (...) A masterwork that will remain. (...) I hadn't read a book with such mastery of the craft of a novelist for a long time. 
- Jean F. Fogel, 'El Boomeran(g)'

 'La otra isla' is a novel that has enjoyed a great success in Venezuela, where it was first published in 2005 by a small publishing house, selling up to 15.000 copies. A truly best seller figure for a country like Venezuela. It was the first published novel by Francisco Suniaga, who now is an author of Random House Venezuela. Mare Verlag (Germany) published its translation into German last summer.

 'La otra isla' takes place in Isla Margarita (Caribbean Sea), but the island that is depicted to us is far away from the cliché of the Caribbean and the white sands beaches. 'La otra isla' is a lively and accomplished novel that takes the structure of a detective novel and adapts it to the chaotic, unpredictable and generally unsatisfactory way in which things – anything – tend to happen in Venezuela. 

 Edeltraud Kreutzer, a German mother, arrives suddenly to the Island to try to solve the mystery surrounding the death of his son Wolfgang. He drowned in the sea under unclear circumstances. Wolfgang had been living on the island for some years. He arrived there with his girlfriend as tourists and decided to remain on the island an run a bar for tourists by the sea. To help her overcome the language and the bureaucratic barriers, Edeltraud hires the services of a local lawyer, Alberto Benítez.

 Benítez was once a talented young professional, full of dreams, but after a few years working in the country's capital city, where he saw how his dreams of a better future were unattainable, he's back in the island with little expectations and less hope. He will confirm how it becomes impossible to count on the authorities's complicity and collaboration and, frustrated, will be of little help to Edeltraud. 

But he will also have access to people who knew Wolfgang and, thus, will learn who he was and will listen to different verisons about the cause of his death. Apparently, Wolfgang became obsessed with the world of cock fights, to the point that he left his bussiness and his relationship unattended...