dijous, 2 de juny del 2011

Grijalbo and Rosa dels Vents acquire rights of 'Die Unglaubliche Geschichte des Henry N. Brown', for publication in Spanish and Catalan in 2012

Editorial Grijalbo and Rosa dels Vents (Random House Mondadori Group) have acquired World Spanish and Catalan rights of this successful German novel by Anne Helene Bubenzer. The title could be translated into English as 'The Incredible Story of Henry N. Brown'.

The novel is published in Germany by Thiele Verlag (hardcover) and Rowoholt (paperback).

The most amazing autobiography of a small teddy-bear with a big heart who knows that love isn’t always expressed in words. A warm-hearted story of life, loss and love, seen through the eyes of a teddy-bear who gets to know not only some of his ‘owners’ very close but also the history of our last century. Teddy-bear’s philosophy at its best.

The teddy bear Henry N. Brown came into the world on 16 July 1921. He had to wait until his second eye was sewn on before he could see, but from then on his life was never dull. His travels took him on a veritable Odyssey through Europe, from England to France and onto Germany, Norway, Italy and Hungary.

This is the story of the twentieth century in times of war and peace, triumph and defeat, as witnessed by a teddy bear. Like all soft toys, Henry can’t talk or move by himself. He is a natural listener, a mirror for the human soul. His gift is to provide people with what they can’t find elsewhere.

But over the years no one realizes that Henry is carrying something inside him, something that he calls 'the love'. It’s a secret that he has kept for a lifetime, a secret that comes out in the very end when Henry causes the alarm at the Vienna airport where his new owner, a German author who bought him from an Austrian antique shop, tries to get through the security bars. A secret that will touch every reader’s heart.

Anne Helene Bubenzer, born 1973 in Hüttental/Siegen, works as a freelance writer, editor and translator.

Translation rights have also been acquired by Sperling & Kupfer Editore (Italy).