dimarts, 8 de juny del 2010

Fric Frac Club (France) interviews Germán Sierra

The French website FRIC FRAC CLUB devotes a long interview by François Monti to Spanish author Germán Sierra. The interview begins with these wonderful words:  "Of all the Spanish writers emerged in the last fifteen years, Germán Sierra has undoubtedly the most challenging profile."

You can read the first part of the interview: (here)

Germán Sierra was born in La Coruña in 1960. At present, he lives in Santiago de Compostela, where he combines his work as a university professor in Biochemistry and researcher in medical neuroscience with his literary career.

His published works include El espacio aparentemente perdido (Debate, 1996) La felicidad no da el dinero (Debate, 1999), Efectos secundarios (Debate 2000 - Jaén Novel Prize), Alto Voltaje (Mondadori, 2004) and Intente usar otras palabras (Mondadori, 2009). 

He has written numerous articles which have appeared in various scientific and literary publications, some of which can be viewed, along with updated information about his work at www.germansierra.com

* “It is impossible to remain indifferent to Germán Sierra’s prose; it is conceptual and full of ideas that are as overwhelming as they are fascinating. This has been true ever since his first book.” 
El Mundo (El Cultural)