dilluns, 28 de juliol del 2008

Turkish rights of 'The Transylvanian Effect', by Juan Ramón Biedma, sold to Kirmizi Kedi

I’m happy to announce the sale of Turkish rights of Juan Ramón Biedma’s ‘El efecto Transilvania’ (The Transylvanian Effect) to Kirmizi Kedi Yayincilik. The novel was published in Spanish last April 2008 by RocaEditotrial.

Intersecting fantasy, thriller and horror, Biedma transforms Seville, the book’s setting, into a surrealistic parallel of itself to tell us about schizophrenia.
The story follows Eme, a teenage boy who has just been released from the hospital but has no recollection of how or why he landed there in the first place. As a series of uncanny events unfold around him (enormous drawings appear suddenly on the ground, plants bloom living animals instead of flowers, hundreds of black kites rise from a single neighborhood), Eme begins to suspect that it all has something to do with the recently opened replica of the Peruvian pyramid of Mahuachi. As Eme attempts to solve the mystery and save his recently abducted love interest, he is continually thwarted by the Transylvanian Effect, a psychological haze inflicted by the lunar cycle.

Critics have compared the work to those by Poe, Lovecraft, Boris Vian, and Jean Ray, and in 2009, RocaEditorial will publish a sequel that finds Eme and the other characters as adults. The working title is ‘El humo en la botella’ (Smoke in a Bottle).
Rights available: World (except Spanish and Turkish). Contact info@salmaialit.com for more information.